MySQL High Availability

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MySQL High Availability
MySQL High Availability

MySQL High Availability MySQL High Availability: Tools forBuilding Robust Data Centers By Charles Bell, Mats Kindahl, LarsThalmann Publisher: O’Reilly Media 2010 | 624 Pages | ISBN:0596807309 | PDF | 10 MB Server bottlenecks and failures are a factof life in any database deployment, but they don’t have to bringeverything to a halt. MySQL has several features that can help youprotect your system from outages, whether it’s running on hardware,virtual machines, or in the cloud. MySQL High Availability explainshow to use these replication, cluster, and monitoring features in awide range of real-life situations. Written by engineers who designed many of the tools covered inside,this book reveals undocumented or hard-to-find aspects of MySQLreliability and high availability — knowledge that’s essential forany organization using this database system. * Explore the binarylog, a file for replication that helps in disaster recovery andtroubleshooting * Get techniques for improving response time andhandling large data sets * Monitor database activity andperformance, as well as major operating system parameters * Keeptrack of what masters and slaves are doing, and deal with failuresand restarts, corruption, and other incidents * Automate key taskswith code from an open source library written by the authors *Learn techniques for using MySQL in virtualized environments, suchas Amazon Web Services * Use MySQL Cluster to achieve highavailability “MySQL replication is widely deployed but has neverbeen adequately explained. This book changes that.” — MarkCallaghan, MySQL contributor and leader of MySQL engineeringefforts at a few of the world’s largest Internet companies


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