Airspan and LightSquared Team Up on Smart Grid Wit

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Airspan and LightSquared Team Up on Smart Grid Wit
Airspan and LightSquared Team Up on Smart Grid Wit

Airspan <wbr>and <wbr>LightSquared <wbr>Team <wbr>Up <wbr>on <wbr>Smart <wbr>Grid <wbr>Wit


Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider ofbroadband wireless access solutions, announced today an agreementwith LightSquared, the nation's first wholesale-only integratedwireless broadband and satellite network, whereby Airspan willexclusively market LightSquared's 1.4 GHz wireless spectrum. Thisspectrum, when combined with Airspan's proven, reliable and robustbroadband and next generation 4G products, provides the utilitiesindustry with a comprehensive solution for Smart Grid and SmartUtility applications.

Airspan will market the 1.4 GHz wireless backhaulsolution, including spectrum, equipment and services for Smart Gridapplications in the electric, gas and water utility sectors in theUnited States.

Airspan already offers last mile access, middlemile and backhaul solutions across a broad range of radio spectrum.Using FCC approved proven, reliable fixed broadband and 4Gtechnology, and LightSquared's 1.4 GHz spectrum, Airspan provides atotal solution that will maximize overall network capacity andreal-time system responsiveness required to enable nationwide SmartGrid projects. Access to licensed spectrum has been a critical"missing link" in planning and implementing wireless Smart Gridcommunications for middle-mile backhaul applications and forlast-mile access. "The combination of equipment and licensedspectrum eliminates the problem of relying on interferencesusceptible shared frequencies for mission-critical applications,"said Paul Senior, Chief Technical Officer, Airspan NetworksInc.

The 1.4 GHz licensed spectrum will be managed byAirspan and will be made available to utilities in their distinctgeographic markets. Access to this spectrum will enable utilitiesto establish optimized proprietary grid management networks. TheseSmart Grid communications networks are necessary to realize theeconomic and operational benefits from load-balancing, dynamicresponse, automation and the other grid-optimization benefits ofSmart Grid initiatives.

"Airspan is very excited to be working withLightSquared to provide the best solution in the utilities marketfor a variety of data connectivity needs," stated Eric Stonestrom,CEO of Airspan. "The utilities market is evolving rapidly as weposition America's infrastructure for the next century and we arein a unique position to enable utilities to deploy 4G and otherbroadband solutions for control and monitoring of critical gridelements."

"LightSquared will help Airspan solve some of theutilities industry's most pressing communications and serviceissues," said Frank Boulben, chief marketing officer forLightSquared. "This initiative is consistent with our goal ofenabling improved spectrum use with an open, wholesale businessmodel. Our smart grid partnership with Airspan complements ourplans to establish a nationwide mobile broadband network."

About LightSquared(TM) LightSquared's mission is torevolutionize the U.S. Sierra 306 wireless industry. Through the creation ofthe first-ever wholesale-only nationwide 4G-LTE networkcomplemented by satellite coverage, LightSquared offers people thespeed, value, and reliability of universal broadband connectivity,wherever they are in the United States. Through its wholesale-onlybusiness model, those without their own wireless network or whohave limited geographic coverage or spectrum can develop and selltheir own devices, applications, and services using LightSquared'sopen 4G network -- at a competitive cost and without retailcompetition from LightSquared. For further information aboutLightSquared, please go to

About Airspan Networks Inc. Airspan (PINKSHEETS:AIRO) is a leading 4G wireless solution-provider and the vendor ofchoice for some of the world's largest broadband wirelessdeployments. Developing leading-edge technology for broadbandaccess and IP-telephony, Airspan continues to supply operatorsaround the world with best-of-breed solutions. With direct salesoffices throughout Asia, EMEA and the Americas, a worldwide networkof resellers and agents, and partnership alliances with major OEMs,Airspan boasts over 100 commercial WiMAX deployments

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