E-mail permission marketing purposes

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E-mail permission marketing purposes
E-mail permission marketing purposes

customer data maintenance and management of
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Customer database is a database marketing company to carry out thebasis or direct marketing, micro-code where the industry marketingGenju business characteristics and marketing needs of enterprisecustom customer database, for data import, export, query and otherfunctions, including initial client contact information,psychological statistics , marketing communications information,transaction information, etc. fields. Enterprise data sources,including corporate marketing, communication feedback, conventionregistration information, sales personnel to collect businesscards, external purchase of data, the above micro-code marketing,through the standard sources of data standardization Searching intreatment after its import database system in accordance withcustomers to export data for statistical analysis or data updates,to ensure data accuracy and ease of application.

mining and management of sales opportunities
Sales opportunities that have procurement plans in a relativelyshort period of time customers, business marketers can tap projectsthrough sales opportunities and sales channels to provide moredirect support to dealers and directly promote the growth of sales,as well as for channel support and loyalty. Microcode marketingindustry according to business location, product, customercharacteristics, developing marketing mining program, select theappropriate direct communication channels such as telemarketing,direct mail, EDM, etc., to obtain basic information about users andcontacts, status of underlying investments, the project policymakers and decision-making model, awareness, project planning(time, progress, budget, etc.) and other information, and salesopportunities through the verification of Session to furtherincrease sales opportunities for quality, access to sales staff,channel maximum support; Zui Hou Jin Yibu right through customersto track the status of access to sales opportunities, salesopportunities to ensure that the application rate.

Relationship Marketing
Customer retention and maximize customer value for some of theindustry, with access to new customers just as important, the sametoken, the key corporate customers to maintain and maximize thevalue of the key is to ensure that corporate profits. Micro-code tohelp clients develop efficient customer relationship marketingprogram, there are plans to collect customer information, customervalue analysis to achieve customer segmentation, targetingdifferent segments of the value for groups targeted, personalizedmarketing communication plan to improve customer loyalty, crosssales, repeat sales, up sales, improve customer contributions, toimprove profit margins.

product promotions
Around the customer's development strategy and marketing strategiesfor clients looking for marketing opportunities to help customersplan, organize, implement marketing activities. Exciting activitiesfrom creative, meticulous project management, to the precise targetaudience, to the timely follow-up after the meeting, that theiractivities become the center of public attention or sales center.Microcode to provide marketing content from project planning to thedesign of services. Such as planning and implementation of a newsconference, seminars and exhibition planning and implementation ofroad show tour and planning and implementation of variouspromotional activities such as planning and implementation.

Exhibition Information Management
Exhibition includes the management of information flow will beinvited before the target, on-site information flow management, andwould follow up such links, to enhance the overall effect of themeeting has a crucial role. Microcode marketing activitiestargeting under the target sectors or target range, throughtelemarketing, direct mail, EDM, etc. to invite target customers toensure the quality and quantity of staff to the Council; at themeeting on-site registration management through automation,flexible and efficient feedback mechanism to be officers for moreinformation; will be designed according to customer demand afterthe questionnaire, the participants follow-up visit, understand thecustomer perception, satisfaction or excavation salesopportunities.

market research and analysis
Microcode provides marketing, including market conditions,potential investigation and analysis, satisfaction survey andanalysis, product demand investigation and analysis, consumerbehavior research and analysis, market research services. Bytelephone interview and the interview and other survey methods,based on rigorous scientific understanding of the industrysampling, repeated many times for access to information, more waysof verification, to ensure the authenticity of survey information.Micro code has been providing market research services toindustries including financial services, high technology,telecommunications, electronic communications, electrical machineryindustry, automobile industry, logistics, public utilities,high-tech industrial park enterprises.
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